As everyone goes dancing to the retail store on the Black Friday deals the prime day, the retailer owners always play guitar in their heart for making killer profits. The shoppers are happy that the prices have been halfway slashed.

But is this the reality? Do retailers take the shoppers mind on a ride? In reality, some products are sold at their regular price but crowned with psychological discounts. You might have heard such rumors already. How accurate is this information?

Here are the three secrets that no retailer will disclose to you about the Black Friday deals:

a.    Discounts advertised are for attracting customers and not the actual offers

During the Black Friday sales, retailers come up with wooing discounts. For instance, you can cite an ad showing stating “KTV smart TV is now $350 was $800.” Who would not go for such a discount? In actual sense, most retailers design adverts in a way they attract you through showing a significant gap between the offer price and the imaginary one.

In fact, in the above example, you might find that the current market price of this electronic is $400. But since the retailer must show you the offer is killing and considering that Black Friday is an annual shopping Bonanza Day, they must juggle with your mind.

b.    Retailers offer limited doorbusters

If it is not your first time to shop on Black Friday, you are aware of doorbusters. Simply, doorbusters are products offered at the lowest prices or highest discount during the Black Friday sales. What happens is that the retailers search for the most likely products or items with the potential of attracting many customers. Then they give a 50% + discount on them.

 However, what you do not know is that accessing this product is not a walk in the park.  Some retailers offer limited doorbusters that only a few customers will get them. Others give you harsh conditions you need to fulfill before getting it.

c.    Price comparison is suspended during Black Friday deals

Another secret you need to know is that mainstream stores discontinue price comparison policy on Black Friday. For this reason, it becomes hard for you to compare the actual price of the product. With this, even though the discount displayed is inflated, you cannot know the real price or what others are offering. As such, many customers buy the product at their regular price believing they’re getting a killing discount.

All in all, the retailers will not tell you about the above three facts. So, when getting out grabbing the best Black Friday deals, take time to research whether the price is a real discount or just an imagination.

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